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Westlake area residents 

have your trainer drive to your home by booking via text: 512 999 4466 

Muay Thaï

1 on 1 Training

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With a trainer who fought in Thaïland & was coached

by champion Jean-Charles Skarbowsky

Why practice

Muay Thaï ?

Learn from instructor and fighter Olivier Dalipagic, trained by legendary champion Jean-Charles Skarbowsky, considered to be one of the best farangs (foreigners) to have fought in Thaïland.

Not only will you learn how to fight and defend yourself by learning lethal skills, you will also greatly improve your cardio, your fitness and boost your self confidence.

Muay Thaï is one of the key foundations for the sport of MMA 

"As the most effective striking martial art in the world, it is no wonder why Muay Thai has become one of the key foundations of the vastly popular, fast-growing sport of mixed martial arts (MMA)." (More info...)

Your Personal Trainer

Student Jan Philip gives his impression of 1-on-1 class Muay Thaï training with coach Olivier Dalipagic.

Personal Trainer Olivier Dalipagic teaches you how to fight and defend yourself. The training is cardio and strength intensive and personalized to fit your training goals.

Examples of training goals are the following:
- Build muscle
- Improve body mobility
- Fitness focused pad work
- Learning how to fight
- Addiction recovery
- Learning how to defend yourself
- Discovering a new discipline
- Getting back in shape
- Injury recovery
- Fun fitness for couples
- Stress and anger release

Trainer Olivier fought in Thailand and was trained by Champion Jean-Charles Skarbowsky, one of the best foreigners to have fought in Thaïland. Olivier has trained over 200 clients from mothers, kids, university students, CEOs, lawyers, tech professionals, soldiers, veterans, recovering addicts, influencers, musicians, comedians and competing MMA fighters.

He adapts to the client's goals whatever they are. Training Muay Thaï will not only improve your cardio, strength, body mobility but also teach you self defense and combat techniques.

The classes are meant to for you to learn how to fight, how to get a complete and fun workout. It's a great way to kickstart your cardio and strength conditioning while learning something new that could be very useful one day.

1 on 1 Muay Thaï Lessons

  • Get in shape

  • Improve your cardio

  • Get fit and build muscle strength

  • Learn self defense

  • Personalized fitness plan

Your Trainer

  • 17 years of boxing, French kickboxing and Muay Thaï experience

  • Has fought in Thaïland

  • Student of Champion Jean-Charles Skarbowsky, ranked number 1 at the Rajadamnern stadium in 2003 and 2006. (The Rajadamnern and the Lumpinee stadiums are the 2 best Muay Thaï stadiums in the world)

No Experience Necessary

All equipment included

  • Thai pads

  • Leather Fairtex gloves

  • Boxing mits

  • Belly pad

  • Shin guards

  • Jump Ropes

  • Heavy Bag in private patio


Olivier fighting in Pattaya, Thaïland 2013. Competitive Muay Thaï is a dangerous sport, but is safe when practiced leisurely and hosts plenty of health benefits.

What is Thaiboxing?

  • Thaiboxing is a striking sport has existed for over 400 years and is considered the most efficient combat sport on earth. It involves punches, knees, elbows, kicks and clinching.


Who can practice the sport?

  • Anyone is welcome to practice the sport, no experience is necessary. Every student will get to learn and grow at their desired pace.

What's in a class?

  • Warm up exercises (Jump Rope/Shadow Boxing and more)

  • Boxing Techniques (Learning footwork, punches, elbows, knees, kicks, combos, defense, tricks, clinch, etc)

  • Pad and Mitt work (Pad rounds that increase in complexity at your pace)

  • Sparring (Only for Advanced)

  • Clinch Techniques

  • Clinch work (Only for Advanced)

  • Core Work (Abdominals, Neck & Shoulder exercises, Stretching)

What do I get out of it?

  • Strength and Health: You will feel physically and mentally strong, will build up your cardio and quickly shed fat and build muscle. 

  • Self-Defense and Knowledge: You will learn how to recognize threat, how to defend yourself and how to stay relaxed in the face of any unexpected danger and most importantly, you will learn how to be mentally ready to fight, which in most cases is enough to deter any aggressor you might encounter in life. 

  • Fun and Challenging: You will enjoy a fun class that entertains, challenges you and pushes seemingly unattainable limits.

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