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Liz Kelman

Business Development 


" I have been dreaming of getting into Muay Thai for a long time. When I found out that Olivier gave 1:1 private lessons outside that are masked (if preferred) during covid, I jumped at the opportunity. I was nervous at first because I'm very new to it, but I'm extremely happy I jumped right in! 


Olivier makes Muay Thai fun and challenging, he really focuses on technique "fear the man who has practiced a kick 10,000 times not the man who practices 10,000 kicks once." He's also been flexible to my needs because I have a congenital heart defect; with Muay Thai being so intense, he's brought it down a bit so we can work our way up. 


If you get a chance to train with Olivier, jump at it and you won't regret it - he'll whip you into shape and have you throwing jabs in no time. "

Andrea Scheidemann

Mother and Graduate Student

" I am pleased as punch by my decision to explore Muay Thai martial arts with Olivier. He really is the best instructor I could ever wish for.  His professionalism and expertise are unmatched.  I feel that I am receiving the gold standard each time we practice. He keeps it fun by introducing a variety of exercises that I can practice on my own. 


Olivier has a seemingly endless depth of knowledge related to his craft.  I appreciate his emphasis on demonstrating the exact technique as well as the explanation of how and why proper positioning matters. 


I have discovered a new sense of self confidence since beginning my fitness journey with Olivier.  I am eager to see how far I can go!  I am certain that under Olivier’s coaching, the sky is the limit! "

Miguel Jimenez

Bar & Restaurant Owner​

" I had known Olivier before I knew he was a Muay Thai coach. I always found him thoughtful, pleasant and bright, so it really came as no surprise to learn that he was a coach. It just made sense, and those qualities transfer to him being a great coach. He is patient but persistent.


I noticed results in my thinking and everyday life in our very first lesson. My daughter and I are looking forward to advancing in this great one on one school. I look forward to seeing her in acting someday.


I would recommend Olivier's class if you've been searching for a fun, addictive way of getting some martial arts in your life. I have been away for 15 years and I'm glad I found my way home. You will too! "


Jack Pappas


"I’ve been wanting to get into Thai Boxing for a while now, and when I met Olivier I knew I couldn’t wait any longer. We’ve been training Muay Thai together for a couple months now, and I absolutely love it. He is a super cool guy who really knows his stuff. He’s also a very patient coach and does a great job at breaking down each technique until I get it right. I love hitting pads and sparring, so Coach is awesome at letting me have some fun each training session. 

I recommend training Muay Thai with Olivier to anyone who is looking to try something new or get off the couch and be active. Even though it’s tough, I’ve truly found my passion."

Carlos Molina 

St Edwards Masters Student 

"Olivier is an amazing Muay Thaï coach. He will improve your level rapidly! I’ve been training with him for 3 weeks and I can see that my level improved so much. He trained with Jean Charles Skarbowsky (Muay Thaï champion), he is very technical and always pushes us to improve our boxing skills with a lot of repetition and muscle memory. You have to be patient too (mental game).


If you want to improve fast, you should definitely train with him. Highly recommended ."

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